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Merlin and Rei had a litter of 5 puppies, 4 red girls and 1 brindle boy!


Rei and puppies




Nimeh, Celtic's lady of the Lake, has earned her Barn Hunt  Rat-Intinct title on Easter weekend. Nim is the second Akita to earn a rat -Instinct title . barn Hunt assoc. list only 4 Akitas who have earned barn Hunt titles. Nim is Maxine's Half sister and another Natural at rat hunting!

Nim earned her Rat-Instinct title on the first try at Performance Fusion Barn Hunt Trial in Benson ,Az on Easter weekend. Nim had ZEO practice before the trial. Nim also earned her first leg in Rat-Novice on Easter.

Nim rat instinct title

The latest new dog sport is Barn Hunt! Maxine , Celtic's Dark Angel, earned her Barn Hunt Rat -Instinct title on Dec 21, 2013. Maxine went back and completed her Rat-Novice title on Easter 2014. Maxine is the second Akita to earn a Barn Hunt Rat-Novice title. Max also has one leg in Rat-Open so far. Here is a new title picture of Maxine on Easter in bunny ears.  YES.. I did embarrass her once wearing the bunny ears. :)  She puts up with whatever silly human things I ask her to do.

new title Rat Novice Barn Hunt

Merlin, Tsoyu No Denjiro Go, is in the UKC Top Ten for Japanese Akitas for the UKC Premier Show June, 2014. This is the FIRST time Japanese Akitas have been in the Premier show. Merlin is ranked #2.  Two of his puppies are also in the Top Ten, Lena and Raze.

I finally got some nice photos of Merlin taken by Kathleen Schaffer of PupArt Photography this spring.

Merlin headshot


Merlin wins Championship


Merlin has won a Championship.

Merlin completed his IABCA International Championship in Feb., 2014! He also won Reserve Best in Show Rare Breed Adult in show  number 3!!

His momma Jeema, in the UK, will be so PROUD!!!


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